Doctor Checkbook, Blue & Black smaller

Doctor Checkbook

is the Financial Counseling Arm of Shepherds Staff Ministries, Inc.


    Seminars and Workshops

    Biblically based Counseling

  • Help in determining, prioritizing and meeting Financial Goals
  • Budget set-up, follow through, and assistance
  • Debt Prioritization and Elimination
  • Bankruptcy Avoidance
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Home Mortgage Evaluation
  • Major Purchase Counsel
  • Retirement Planning
  • Offensive & Defensive Financial Strategies
  • Referral Services
  • Educational Materials - books, tapes, brochures, videos, etc. Leadership Development
  • Budget Counselor Training and Support


Some of the Teaching Topics presented by Peter and others:

Marriage & Money Weekend Retreat
The Next Step – General Overview of Financial Principles
Budgeting – A Cash Flow System that works
Rapid Debt Reduction Strategies – 24 ways to reduce debt quickly
7 Key Investment Principles – Investment Basics
Offensive & Defensive Strategies
God’s Hand of Provision – The 5 ways God provides
both blessings and correction
Promise, Problem, Provision - A look at Psalms 23
Developing God’s Heart for the Poor
Preparedness – A Biblical Perspective
Giving – Obligation or Opportunity
Discipling Others through Finances
Honesty, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
Chores & More – A Simple 3x5 card system


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