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Doctor Checkbook

is the Financial Counseling Arm of Shepherds Staff Ministries, Inc.

Counseling Policies

1. Our desire is to put God first in all we do and to provide counsel that is biblically based, God honoring, and Spirit led.

2. Available to all - Doctor Checkbook is the financial counseling arm of Shepherd's Staff Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving God and His people. We are a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian organization providing Pastoral Care & biblically based Financial Counsel in the name of Jesus Christ to anyone who requests it. While our counseling is from a Christian perspective, NO one is denied our services based on race, color, age, sex, marital status, national origin or religious conviction

3. Volunteers and paid staff work side-by-side in an effort to serve you and provide you the best counseling possible.

4. We recognize the importance of confidentiality and strive to preserve, guard, and uplift your reputation.

5. We believe the local church is the primary instrument used by God for life change. It is the best place to receive help and we will do our best to be supportive of and place priority on serving the churches in the local area.

6. You are responsible for your own challenges and all decisions are yours to make - NOT the counselor’s nor anyone else’s.

7. As needed and agreed to SSM may contact your creditors to negotiate repayment options; however, SSM / Doctor Checkbook will NOT distribute creditor payments on your behalf. You are responsible for paying your own bills.

8. Unlike other non-profit financial organizations, we do NOT receive donations from Creditors for negotiating debt repayment or settlements. Nearly all of our support comes from gifts and donations that are tax deductible. Counselees are encouraged but not expected to make donations to Shepherd's Staff Ministries, Inc. as God directs and enables.

9. No Investment or Insurance products will be sold. While many of our trained counselors currently work in or have a background in the financial services industry, neither staff nor volunteers are allowed to sell you investment or insurance products.

10. Where applicable, it would be best if both husband and wife attended all counseling sessions together.

11. For best results, children should be cared for elsewhere during counseling.

12. We attempt to track all time spent by both paid staff and volunteers working on your situation in tenths of each hour and will provide you with a statement of time if requested.

13. Counselees are seen by appointment only and we expect the common courtesy of 24 hour notice if you unable to keep your appointment.

14. While our counselors attempt to help counselees avoid bankruptcy, this ministry recognizes the legitimacy of the legal appeal process and recommends counselee’s seek legal counsel concerning their various options.


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